The SOC Method

The SOC Method is a new and highly sophisticated approach to Facebook lead generation for service based companies.

It's a way to eliminate 90% of the marketing to-do list and develop one lead generation system that consistently generates results.

It's based on identifying the hyper-responsive prospects in your target market and showing up at the right time and the right place, with the right message.

A Reliable Lead Generation System = A Better Business

The SOC Method can help you build a better business.

One that doesn't require any cold calls, cold emails or any other soul sucking method of cold outreach. (I feel sorry for all those people sending cold LinkedIn messages. No, I'm never going to respond and neither are 99% of people).

A better business uses systems to achieve specific objectives, and doesn't require the business owners to sacrifice their evenings, weekends or sleep. (Waking up at 5am for breakfast networking meetings is brutal - I've been there).

The SOC Method can take care of one massive piece of the successful business puzzle - consistent, high quality lead generation.

And when it does...

  • You won't have to 'hustle' to get qualified prospects on the phone
  • You won't have to rely on the unpredictable referral rollercoaster
  • You'll no longer waste time meeting with prospects that are just 'shopping around'
  • You'll be seen as the authority in your industry, so you can charge what you're worth
  • You'll have consistent cashflow, which will allow you to hire the staff you need to go to the next level

So what is the SOC Method?





There are prospects in your target market that are actively looking for your services right now.

I refer to these people as the hyper-responsives.

Hyper-responsives are already problem and solution aware. The only question is - Who are they going to hire?

By marketing specifically to these people we significantly improve lead quality, ensure that your message is relevant, and reduce cost.

It's a lot easier to convince hyper-responsives to sign up for a free call, consultation or quote...

And it's much easier to convert these prospects into clients when you do talk to them.

On top of that, they are usually willing to pay more. Win, win, win.

"Ben is fantastic. Always helpful, communicates very well and promptly. The services that he performed are well above board. Not only do I highly recommend him to clients, but I have clients that are currently using his services and I'm increasing the services that he is currently providing to my company. He's the best that I've ever come across."

Christian Purdie Christian Purdie
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By consistently showing up in your prospects life, they'll get to know you, your company and what you offer.

They'll also see the great results you're able to deliver.

To start with, we ensure that you stay top of mind, and that your hyper-responsive prospects do not forget you. (This is much more valuable than most people realise).

Over time, we eliminate your competitors from your prospects mind, and for them you become the only option. (This is where the real magic happens).

When you become Omnipresent, your prospects get to know you and want to hire you before they make contact.

This skyrockets your conversion rates and allows you to charge a price that reflects what you're worth.

I was struggling with my Facebook marketing and after frustrating results for many months, I decided to search for an expert in this field and save myself the time, hassle & not to mention save myself from wasting even more of my marketing budget on my own poorly constructed ads. It was at this point I found Ben from Lead Guru who quickly and professionally set me up with a much-improved campaign.

I found my CPL decreased and my reach improved. Having a properly constructed Facebook marketing campaign added value to my business, increased leads and helped me manage my marketing spend the way it should be managed. I would have no hesitation recommending Lead Guru.

Chris Laing Chris Laing
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Once we've identified the searchers in your target market and they see you as the authority in your industry...

It's time to start a conversation.

Business owners and marketers often forget that prospects are real people, that want real connections with real human beings.

A sales page works great for a £10 product, but when it comes to selling services...

Your prospects want to talk to someone.

Starting a conversation is all about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

That way you can have a conversation on your terms, and that you control.

This saves you a lot of time, and makes it much easier for you to convert these prospects into customers.

Who Is The SOC Method For?

The SOC Method is specifically designed for companies that offer a service or bespoke product and are doing at least £20,000 ($25,000) in revenue per month, or have substantial start-up funding.

With that type of business, the omnipresence approach is crucial and much more effective.

If you're relying on the unpredictable referral roller-coaster and want a much more consistent stream of high quality leads...

Or you're looking to scale up in the next 6-12 months, then you may be a great fit for the SOC Method.

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Some Of Our Awesome Clients

The SOC Method in Action...

Leads: 15,797
Ad Spend: £102,663.59
Cost per Lead: £6.50

Leads: 17,470
Ad Spend: £20,486.60
Cost per Lead: £1.17

Leads: 8.809
Ad Spend: £133,023.31
Cost per Lead: £15.10

Ready for the SOC Method?

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"I am very grateful for what Lead Guru has done for my interior design company. We have gone from a struggling business to thriving and growing because of the leads we now generate online. I could not recommend their services more highly."