Facebook Advertising Agency Services

Fully managed, done-for-you Facebook advertising services.

We use our Facebook advertising expertise to create campaigns that generate low cost conversions and sales for our clients.

We also manage and optimise campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure those campaigns generate as many conversions and sales as possible, for the lowest cost. Our optimization process should not be underestimated - on multiple occassions we have been able to 3x or more results that have previously been achieved.

Most of the clients we work with have already run Facebook ad campaigns themselves or worked with an agency that didn't deliver the results they were looking for.

A previous bad experience doesn't mean that Facebook can't become a highly profitable platform for your business and a significant driver for growth.

As a specialist Facebook and Instagram advertising agency that has spent millions of dollars across hundreds of ad campaigns in dozens of industries...

We have an extremely experienced in-house team that knows what it takes to deliver fantastic results.

We understand that our Facebook ad campaigns are accountable to the ROAS (return on ad spend) they generate. Because of that our approach is very comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs.

Every Client Gets A Tailored Facebook Advertising Strategy

Every eCommerce business offers different products and has a different target market.

And whilst we have developed Facebook advertising best practices...

Outstanding results in this space cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach.

We develop and implement fully tailored Facebook advertising strategies for all our eCommerce and digital clients.

We've found that doing so, is the best way to consistently generate fantastic results.

Check out the Facebook ad account screenshots below to see what we have been able to achieve for some of our clients.

Our Facebook Ad Campaigns In Action...

Sales: £511,788.79
Ad Spend: £26,509.94
ROAS: 19.31

Sales: £213,575.05
Ad Spend: £30,701.32
ROAS: 6.96

Sales: £129,601.06
Ad Spend: £16,862.57
ROAS: 7.69

Who Is This Service For?

Our fully managed done-for-you Facebook advertising services are for high-growth eCommerce and digital companies that are doing at least £20,000 ($25,000) in revenue per month, or have start up funding.

Best results are likely to be achieved if you have a proven conversion and sales process, however we have helped many companies build high-performing sales funnels from scratch.

In other words, if you've got existing customers and have sold your products on your own website, or not...

We have a track record of delivering fantastic results with Facebook & Instagram ads for clients just like you.

We’d love to be a part of your journey and help you take your business to the next level with our Facebook advertising services.

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Some Of Our Awesome Clients

"We found Ben and his team to be friendly, professional and expert in Facebook advertising. They were also extremely approachable and transparent - with a clear focus on what they will do and clear cut metrics to measure against - and no long term commitment.

When a company does not force you into a long term commitment you know that they are confident about their offering and all of these things combined set Lead Guru apart from other agencies we've used in the past."

Firoze Nazar Firoze Nazar
Coogan London

Ready For Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business?

If you would like us to create, manage and optimise Facebook ad campaigns for your business...

Or would like to find out more about our services...

You can book a free strategy session with us.

These strategy sessions last 30 minutes and are held via Zoom.

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"Ben and his team have done an amazing job creating and implementing our Facebook advertising strategy. During the first month of working them, they reduced our cost per app install from £3 to just £1.10 in the UK, which is fantastic. 

They provide a personal and professional service. I would recommend them to anyone looking to succeed with Facebook advertising."

Pasquale Cataldi Pasquale Cataldi