How to Retarget Website Visitors on Facebook

retarget website visitors on facebook

Looking to retarget website visitors on Facebook? Well, this article shows you exactly how to do just that. Before we get into the steps, let’s start by clarifying a few things. Retargeting, or remarketing, is a form of online advertising where marketers advertise to people that have already interacted with their business. There are many…

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3 Ways to Combat Facebook Ad Frequency Issues

Facebook ad frequency

First, let’s define Facebook ad frequency. It’s a very straightforward concept. Facebook ad frequency refers to the number of times the average person within your target audience has been shown a particular ad. For example, an ad frequency of 5, means the average person within your selected targeting options has been served your ad 5…

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How to Use the Target Cost Bid Strategy to Scale Facebook Campaigns

target cost bid strategy

Many advertisers have scaled initially profitable Facebook ad campaigns and seen their ad costs skyrocket as a result. As you spend more, you advertise to a larger number of people and the larger your audience is, the less specific it becomes. Facebook is aware of this problem and they have created the target cost bid strategy…

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How to Use the CBR Method to Build a Brand on Facebook

build a brand on facebook

Facebook ads can be a fantastic tool to generate leads and sales. But I would argue that their most effective application is to build a brand on Facebook. In this article, I walk you through the step by step process I used to build my brand with Facebook. In fact, I have used this Facebook…

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The 13 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Need To Know in 2021

facebook ad objectives

When creating a Facebook ad campaign, it’s really important that you select the most appropriate Facebook ad objective… Because Facebook will optimise your campaign for that objective. It’s well documented that Facebook’s targeting algorithms are pretty darn smart. They can work out who within your target audience is most likely to take your desired action……

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How To Scale Facebook Campaigns With Lookalike Audiences

facebook lookalike audiences

So you’ve got a Facebook campaign that’s delivering a great ROI and you’re looking to scale it… Firstly – congratulations! Creating a profitable Facebook advertising campaign is not easy so give yourself a pat on the back. Secondly – how do you scale Facebook campaigns? The obvious answer seems to be: Increase your ad budget…

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Brand (Fast!)

facebook ads grow brand

Want to know how to use Facebook ads to grow your brand? Then you’ll love this step-by-step this video. I’ll reveal how I used Facebook ads to generate more than 60,000 Facebook page likes and a 9,000 person community outside of Facebook. And I’ll show you the step-by-step process in this video. Specifically, you’ll learn…

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How to Find Your Ideal Prospects with Facebook Targeting

facebook targeting

There are a lot of misconceptions around Facebook Advertising. This is probably the most common… “People don’t use Facebook to find products and services, they use it to socialise.” Well that’s true… But it doesn’t mean they won’t buy products and services based on ads they’ve seen on Facebook. It’s the same as TV advertising.…

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7 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

copywriting tips for facebook ads

7 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads In this post I’ve got 7 copywriting tips for Facebook ads for you. One of the most important parts of any Facebook ad is the copy. Your ad image might grab your audience’s attention, but it’s your copy that’s going to convince them to take action and become a…

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Facebook Page Update 2018: Should You Be Worried?

Facebook page update 2018

Facebook Page Update 2018: Should You Be Worried? Facebook page update 2018: So Facebook have recently released an update and they’ve said that their business pages are going to get a lot less organic reach. Well, is this something that you should be worried about? That’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this post.…

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