How to Create an Evergreen Facebook Retargeting Campaign that Avoids Ad Fatigue

Facebook retargeting campaign

Want to create a Facebook retargeting campaign that doesn’t require frequent adjustments? Wondering how to avoid ad fatigue with small retargeting audiences? In this article, you’ll discover how to create an evergreen Facebook retargeting campaign that simultaneously promotes multiple ads and uses the frequency capping feature. Facebook Retargeting Campaigns It’s now well established that retargeting…

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How to Use Facebook Ad Bid Caps to Prevent Skyrocketing Costs

Facebook ad bid caps

In this article I’m going to show you how Facebook ad bid caps work. But first I need to explain why they are important… Facebook advertising is a competitive market place. How much your ads cost depends on a number of factors, but one of the most important is the competition. More Facebook advertisers equals…

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7 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips to Boost ROI in 2020

Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

Want to significantly boost your Facebook advertising ROI in 2020? Targeting is one of the most important components of any campaign, and these 7 Facebook ad targeting tips will definitely help… 1) Retarget Website Visitors The people that have already visited your website are much hotter prospects than those that haven’t. They have demonstrated that…

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How to Use the New Facebook Marketplace Ad Placement

Facebook Marketplace ad placement

Want to know how to use the Facebook Marketplace ad placement? In this article, you’ll learn how to use this brand new feature and which businesses and products it is best suited for. Facebook’s Marketplace Explained Before we get into the detail of using the Facebook Marketplace ad placement, it’s important to fully understand what…

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11 Ways to Combat Facebook Ad Fatigue

Facebook ad fatigue

If you advertise to the same audience, with the same ad creative for an extended period of time, Facebook ad fatigue will set in. And Facebook ad fatigue very often leads to a drop off in results. When your prospects become bored with your ads, they are very unlikely to take the action you want…

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3 Keys to Success with Facebook App Install Ads

Facebook app install ads

So you’ve spent a lot of time and money creating an app, and now you need to find a way to generate users. Facebook app install ads is one of the best ways to do just that. Generating app installs is not easy. There are over 2 million apps available in the Apple App Store,…

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How To Set A Facebook Ad Budget For Your Business in 2021

facebook ad budget

There are many ways to approach this and you can definitely find differing advice online. But here’s how I approach the scary Facebook ad budget question for our business and what I recommend my clients do as well. In fact, this will work for any online advertising, it’s not limited to Facebook. But before I…

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How to Create Facebook Reach Ads Using the Reach Objective

how to create Facebook reach ads

There are 13 different Facebook ad objectives and each has its place. But sometimes you just want to get your message out to as many people as possible, and that’s what Facebook reach ads are for. Facebook ad objectives are split into 3 categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion: Reach falls under the Awareness category and…

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How To Promote Your Blog On Facebook

promote your blog on facebook

Picture this:  You’ve just written an EPIC blog post and you’re super excited to hit the ‘publish’ button and let the world see your new content.  But how do you get people to actually SEE your blog post? There are a ton of ways you can promote your blog post across various outlets, but today…

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Which Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy Should You Use: Lowest Cost or Target Cost?

Facebook ad bidding

Scaling a Facebook ad campaign whilst maintaining a low cost per lead or sale can be very difficult. There are 2 Facebook ad bidding strategies to help you tackle this issue. If you’re not achieving the ROI that you’re looking for. Or if you are, but only with a small ad budget, ad bid strategies…

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