1 Simple Tip To Double Email Marketing Sales

double email marketing sales

1 Simple Tip To Double Email Marketing Sales In this post I’m going to show you a very simple trick to double email marketing sales. So what is this simple trick to double or more your sales with email marketing? It’s very simple, but it makes an enormous difference it’s simply to use a timer…

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The Best Facebook Ad Type for Ecommerce Businesses

facebook ad type for ecommerce

The Best Facebook Ad Type For E-commerce Businesse If you want to know the best Facebook ad type for ecommerce businesses then this post was created with you in mind. The best type of Facebook ad for ecommerce businesses, from the testing that I’ve done, is a carousel ad. A carousel ad is an ad…

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The Ideal Facebook Video Ad Length

Facebook video ad length

The Ideal Facebook Video Ad Length So what is the ideal Facebook video ad length? This is a question that I get asked all the time, “How long should my video ads be?” Well, we’ve run a bunch of experiments. And we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works best, and that’s what I’m…

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How To Increase Average Customer Value

increase average customer value

How To Increase Average Customer Value In this video, I’m going show you how to increase average customer value. Average customer value is a really important metric. If you’re looking to generate leads and sales online then you need to keep track of average customer value because it dictates how much you can afford to…

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Video: Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns with Lookalike Audiences

scale facebook ad campaigns

How to Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns with Lookalike Audiences Once you’ve got a Facebook ad campaign that’s profitable, you’re going to want to scale it. But how do you scale a Facebook ad campaign? The obvious answer seems to be to just increase your ad budget and that can work for a while… But what…

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How To Install The Facebook Pixel On A WordPress Website

install Facebook Pixel wordpress website

Want to know how to install the Facebook Pixel on a WordPress website? Then you’ll find this step-by-step video really useful. In this video I explain what the Facebook Pixel is… How you can use it… Why it’s critically important that you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website if you’re running Facebook ads……

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Facebook Ads Guide – How To Reduce Your Cost Per Lead (& Sale) Fast!

facebook ads guide

Want to know how to reduce your cost per lead and sale with Facebook ads? Then this step-by-step Facebook ads guide is for you. In this short Facebook ads guide I’ll show you how I recently reduced my cost per lead from £1.59 to just £0.70. Specifically, you’ll learn a new Facebook advertising strategy –…

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How Long Should Your Email Copy Be?

Email copy length

How Long Should Your Email Copy Be? In this post I’m going to answer a big email marketing question. And that’s how long should your email copy be? Well, I think most email marketers get this wrong. I think they write too much copy and make their emails far too long. The issue with really…

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Stop Promoting Naked Content On Facebook

content on Facebook

Stop Promoting Naked Content on Facebook In this post I’m going to tell you why you should stop promoting naked content on Facebook. All the digital marketing experts say that you should be promoting content on Facebook. They say you should be promoting blog posts or videos or podcast episodes, but they’re not telling you…

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How To Stand Out On Facebook

stand out on Facebook

This video will show you how to stand out on Facebook. More and more businesses are starting to advertise on Facebook which is making the landscape very competitive. And that means standing out is more important than ever. If you want to succeed with Facebook advertising then you need to find a way to differentiate…

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