How To Use Facebook To Increase Brand Awareness

facebook brand awareness ads

Brand awareness campaigns on Facebook are one of the most misunderstood types of targeting, and I find that with my clients they don’t really know how to use them properly, so they don’t. I’m going to show you how to use Facebook to increase brand awareness and do it the RIGHT WAY so they help…

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How to Install the Facebook Pixel on a Website (Including WordPress)

how to install the facebook pixel

I’m excited to bring this tutorial to you today. Installing the Facebook pixel is one of the MOST powerful things you can do with Facebook advertising. Note: I work with a lot of clients who are intimidated by the word “install.” That makes it sound like installing an air conditioning system or something. The good…

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How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively – A Beginner’s Guide

beginner's guide to advertising on Facebook

Let’s face it, Facebook has a TON of settings for creating ads. And if you are new to it, then it can be a more than a little intimidating. In this article I’m going to show you step-by-step how to put up ads the right way and that give you the best possible shot at…

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Facebook Ads – Traffic vs. Conversion Case Study

traffic ads vs conversion ads on facebook

Which is better traffic ads or conversion ads? I get this question ALL the time in my Facebook Ads Mastermind Group. People want to know when they are advertising products or services directly on Facebook if it’s better to use the traffic objective or the conversion objective. I understand why people ask the question. You…

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How to Build Facebook Custom Audiences for Business – 2020 Guide

facebook custom audiences

Custom audiences are a type of audience in Facebook that almost every business uses at some point. Every single client we work with uses custom audiences in their sales funnels as part of their targeting strategy. That’s because this type of Facebook targeting is very powerful – especially when used as part of an overall…

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Facebook Audience Insights Explained – How to Find Killer Facebook Targeting Options

Facebook audience insights

Facebook audience insights is a fantastic tool for fining targeting options to run ads to on the Facebook ads platform. But I find that not a lot of businesses use it or know how to use it well. You may know that I’m a big fan of using lookalike audiences that are based off of…

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How to Create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook

how to create a lookalike audience in facebook

One of the most powerful features that Facebook offers it’s advertisers are lookalike audiences. They are nearly always the best converting cold audiences that we use in our agency – our clients LOVE the results they get with these audiences. They are an extremely powerful way to get leads or sales flowing into your business.…

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The Best Way to Get Likes on a Facebook Business Page (94,000 and counting)

how to generate facebook page likes

There are a lot of rumors going around right now about Facebook pages and how they are worthless and how you shouldn’t bother getting likes on your Facebook business page. This is complete rubbish. As of the moment I am writing this I have generated 94,663 likes on my facebook page. And I generate likes…

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How to Add 1,000 Members to Your Facebook Group Fast!

It used to be that having a fan page or a business page was a great way to get organic reach on Facebook. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anymore. Pages are having a harder and harder time with solid organic reach and seeing increasingly diminished returns on their efforts. Now businesses use Facebook groups instead. But…

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How To Create Your First Facebook Ad Campaign in 2020

first facebook ad campaign

Want to know how to create your first Facebook ad campaign? I can see why… For starters, there are more than 2.3 billion people on Facebook today — that’s roughly a third of the world’s population. That huge audience size is one of the things that makes Facebook an ideal marketing platform for a lot…

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