How to Reduce Your Cost Per Sale & Lead from Facebook

leads from Facebook

If you haven’t been able to generate sales and leads from Facebook for a low enough price then that’s probably because you’re advertising to the wrong people. And in this video I show you who you should be advertising to, and how to target them. Ok so there’s well over a thousand targeting options in the…

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How To Make Yourself Industry Famous With Facebook

famous with Facebook

The key people of influence in any industry are: Oversubscribed, Able to charge the highest prices Get approached with the best business opportunities. And in this video I show you how to make yourself industry famous with Facebook and become a key person of influence in your niche. Ok so when I say make yourself…

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Why You’re Wasting Your Time Promoting Your Business On Facebook

business on Facebook

If you’re trying to promote your business on Facebook, you’re probably wasting your time. And in this video I explain why and what you need to do to actually get results. Ok so the vast majority of business owners and marketers promoting their businesses on Facebook aren’t really getting any results because of two reasons.…

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Why Advertise on Facebook?

advertise on Facebook

Part 1 So why advertise on Facebook when there are so many other options, both online and offline for you to advertise your business? Well just about everyone knows that you can advertise on Facebook at this point. But there are a lot of misconceptions about it. A lot of people think that’s it not…

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your 1st Facebook Campaign

1st Facebook campaign

If you’ve never advertised your business on Facebook before, or if you have and it hasn’t produced the results you want, then you should to pay close attention to this video. In this video I very quickly explain how to set up your 1st Facebook campaign and what it should include. Keep it simple It’s…

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How Service Businesses Can Build Email Lists & Why They Should

Every business owner has heard that they should build an email list. And if you’re an ecommerce or product based company, then the reason why you should bother is obvious… By sending special offers and new product launches to the people on your list, you can make sales. But if you’re a serviced business the advantages…

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How To Put Your Business On Google Maps

Have you ever searched for something on Google, then taken a look at the Google map results? By Google map results I mean the part at the bottom of this screenshot: Of course you have, we all have. And if you have a business or offer services that people look for, then your prospects have as…

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How To Create A Conversion In Google AdWords

If you’re running a Google AdWords campaign and you don’t have conversion tracking set up then you’re flying blind. Conversion tracking is incredibly important. If used right, it can tell you which ads and which keywords are generating leads and sales… And just as importantly, which are not. Which obviously then allows you to make…

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5 Hacks to Boost Website Conversions

None of us are generating traffic for the fun of it. Especially if you’re paying for it. You want some (ideally all!) of those website visitors to take a specific action… You want them to convert. Most of the time that means buy something or enquire and become a lead. And because the majority of…

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Free vs Paid Website Traffic

It’s easy to see why the idea of free traffic is appealing. If you generate leads or makes sales via your website, then free traffic means free customer acquisition… Right? Wrong. Free traffic is never free. There’s always a cost associated with generating that traffic. And whether that’s time or money, it’s very real. Let’s…

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