How To Stand Out On Facebook

stand out on Facebook

This video will show you how to stand out on Facebook. More and more businesses are starting to advertise on Facebook which is making the landscape very competitive. And that means standing out is more important than ever. If you want to succeed with Facebook advertising then you need to find a way to differentiate…

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Set It & Forget Facebook Ad Campaigns

set it forget it

So is it possible to create set it and forget Facebook ad campaigns? I’m not so sure. And in this video I explain why, and what you need to do to make sure your Facebook ad campaigns keep delivering results. Click here to download our free 5-Part Facebook Ad Template:

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Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? What’s better Facebook ads, or Instagram ads? We’ve experimented with a lot of Facebook ad campaigns and we’ve repeatedly tested all the placement options (including Instagram). Right now the winner is pretty clear and you can watch the video to find out. Click here to download our free 5-Part Facebook…

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Facebook Page Custom Audiences

How to create Facebook Page custom audiences When you use Facebook Page custom audiences in your Facebook ad campaigns… You’re able to specifically advertise to people that have engaged with your Facebook page. And that’s a very effective targeting option because those people are highly likely to buy your products and services. Click here to…

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Advertise On Facebook

best time to advertise on Facebook

Why Now Is the Best Time To Advertise On Facebook Right now in 2017 it’s the best possible time to be advertising your business on Facebook. Facebook’s advertising platform is not brand new anymore (in fact it’s very sophisticated). But it isn’t a mature platform yet either That means the majority of businesses that will…

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Video Viewer Custom Audiences on Facebook

video viewer custom audiences

Video viewer custom audiences on Facebook. Facebook’s retargeting capabilities is one of the things that makes it such an effective advertising platform. You retarget on Facebook by using custom audiences and one of our favourite types of custom audiences is… Video viewer custom audiences. These allow you to specifically advertise to people that have already…

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How To Advertise A Restaurant On Facebook

How To Advertise A Restaurant on Facebook Facebook is a fantastic advertising platform to attract new customers to your restaurant. But you need to create Facebook advertising campaigns that provide enough of an incentive to get people through the door. Watch this video to find out how to use Facebook to promote your restaurant. NOTE:…

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Do Facebook Page Likes Matter?

facebook page likes

Do Facebook Page Likes Matter? This is a question that I’m asked all the time. The honest answer is: Yes, but not much. Facebook will not put your posts in front of all the people that have liked your Facebook page for free. There are too many advertisers that are willing to pay for that…

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Facebook Ad Mistake #5: Assessing ROI Too Early

Assessing ROI too early

#5 in my 5 part series about the most common Facebook advertising mistakes that I see is: Assessing the ROI that your Facebook ad campaigns generate too early. Only a small percentage of your target market are going to buy from you after seeing 1 ad, once. That doesn’t mean they will never buy your…

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3 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Should Be Using

Facebook ad campaign objectives

3 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Should Be Using In this post I’m going to talk about three Facebook ad campaign objectives that you should probably be using if you’re advertising on Facebook. When you create a Facebook ad campaign, the campaign objective that you choose is really important because Facebook will optimise your campaign…

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