How to Keep Your Facebook Ads From Getting Disapproved

facebook ads disapproved

Lots of advertisers deal with Facebook turning down their ads on a regular basis. This isn’t unusual. The Facebook review process is meant to keep ads off their network that go against their advertiser policies. But you CAN keep your Facebook ads from getting disapproved. Here’s how. Getting Your Facebook Ads Approved Unless you are…

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What is the Facebook Ads Learning Phase? And Why Does it Matter?

facebook ads learning phase

The Facebook ads learning phase is critical to their campaign optimization process. Here’s how it works: How the Facebook Ads Learning Phase Works: When you create an ad set and select an objective, Facebook will optimise your campaign for that objective. In other words, Facebook will put your ads in front of people that are…

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How to Post An Ad On Facebook the RIGHT Way – 2021 Guide for Beginners

how to post an ad on facebook

When you first start using Facebook’s ads manager things can get REALLY confusing, really quickly. There are a huge amount of options compared to simply boosting a post. It can be hard to know which buttons to push and where to start. This tutorial will take you through the process of setting up a Facebook…

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How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? (UK, US, India & More)

facebook advertising cost

So how much does Facebook advertising cost? I’m asked this question all the time. Which makes sense… When you’re talking to a Facebook advertising expert, one of the things you naturally want to know is the cost of Facebook advertising. Of course, the really annoying and predictable answer is… It depends. (Don’t worry you’re not…

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Which Facebook Conversion Window to Use?

facebook conversion window

When people are setting up their Facebook ads, there is a setting that can cause both experienced and beginner marketers confusion – and that is the Facebook conversion window. This is found in the ad set level of your Facebook campaign and shows up if you’re using the conversion objective. That means your Facebook campaign…

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47 Facebook Advertising Tips for Success in 2021

facebook advertising tips

Looking to crush it with Facebook ads in 2021? These 47 Facebook advertising tips will definitely help… #1 Video, Video, Video, Video All things being equal, video ads on Facebook outperform regular image ads and other ad formats. There are notable exceptions, as you can see from Facebook advertising tip 9, but for the majority…

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How To Use Facebook To Increase Brand Awareness

facebook brand awareness ads

Brand awareness campaigns on Facebook are one of the most misunderstood types of targeting, and I find that with my clients they don’t really know how to use them properly, so they don’t. I’m going to show you how to use Facebook to increase brand awareness and do it the RIGHT WAY so they help…

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How to Install the Facebook Pixel on a Website (Including WordPress)

how to install the facebook pixel

I’m excited to bring this tutorial to you today. Installing the Facebook pixel is one of the MOST powerful things you can do with Facebook advertising. Note: I work with a lot of clients who are intimidated by the word “install.” That makes it sound like installing an air conditioning system or something. The good…

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How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively – A Beginner’s Guide

beginner's guide to advertising on Facebook

Let’s face it, Facebook has a TON of settings for creating ads. And if you are new to it, then it can be a more than a little intimidating. In this article I’m going to show you step-by-step how to put up ads the right way and that give you the best possible shot at…

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Facebook Ads – Traffic vs. Conversion Case Study

traffic ads vs conversion ads on facebook

Which is better traffic ads or conversion ads? I get this question ALL the time in my Facebook Ads Mastermind Group. People want to know when they are advertising products or services directly on Facebook if it’s better to use the traffic objective or the conversion objective. I understand why people ask the question. You…

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