7 Tips For A Big Brand Facebook Ad Campaign On A Small Budget

7 Tips For A Big Brand Facebook Ad Campaign on a Small Budget

What you want and what you can afford don’t always match up, which can get extremely frustrating when you’re trying to roll out an ambitious marketing campaign. As much as you’d like to throw caution to the wind and spend every penny you can find, it simply isn’t practical. The reasoning is simple. If it…

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How To Promote A Podcast Effectively Via Facebook Ads

How To Promote A Podcast Via Facebook Ads

The podcasting industry has grown immensely over the years, going from something with niche appeal to a major driver of personal branding and business growth. It’s entirely possible (though challenging, of course) to make a living doing nothing but podcasting by joining a monetised streaming service, featuring sponsors (78% of podcast listeners don’t mind ads,…

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