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Want to know the 4 client acquisition strategies I used to generate my first 30-40 Facebook Ads Agency clients, which took my agency to multiple six figures?

In this 10 video masterclass, I show you...

  • TWO highly effective, reliable and scalable lead generation strategies. (I show you exactly how I implement them including the ads, landing pages, scheduling software, etc. that I use)
  • How to use Facebook Ads to generate Facebook Ads Agency leads (no-one teaches this, but it works INCREDIBLY well when you know how)
  • Exactly what to say to prospects when you do speak to them. (It's critical that you deliver VALUE, demonstrate your EXPERTISE, properly explain your services and then establish a FOLLOW UP process)
  • A super easy-to-implement client acquisition strategy that takes advantage of assets you ALREADY have.
  • The best way to significantly improve lead quality and avoid wasting your time with unqualified prospects.
  • How to generate interest in your Facebook Advertising services from local businesses (raising your profile locally can have a massive impact on your agency)
  • The minimum fee you should charge for Facebook Advertising services and how to structure your client work.
  • Success metrics, KPIs and what to expect.
  • Client acquisition psychology (the more successful you become, the more important this is)
  • How to ensure you deliver fantastic results for your clients once they sign up for your services. (This is key for client RETENTION and growing a sustainable and profitable Facebook Ads Agency)
  • The automated systems you need to NEVER have to worry about generating leads for your agency again.
  • How to take these client acquisition strategies and SUPER-CHARGE them so that you can scale your Facebook Ads Agency to 7 figures and beyond...

As a Facebook Ads Agency owner, your client acquisition strategy is the SINGLE most important component of your business...

Get that wrong, and you're dead in the water...

Get that right... and the sky is the limit 🙂

This masterclass shows you exactly how to implement PROVEN client acquisition strategies. (They are all strategies I have developed and used myself)

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Get Instant Access To This Facebook Ads Agency Client Acquisition Masterclass For Just $197...

Buy Now - $197

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